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Founded in 1989 and based in Munich (Germany), InfoChem has more than 20 years' experience in the development and integration of sophisticated software tools for the storage and handling of structure and reaction information.

At present, 21 full time employees and up to 60 freelance abstractors form our team. Of course, the whole InfoChem network of abstractors, and all the people in charge of quality management, and of marketing and sales have a high-level chemistry background. Indeed, most of the software development team also has a chemistry or biology background in combination with well-established knowledge in the field of chemoinformatics.

Our subsidiary InfoChimia GmbH was founded in Berlin in 1990. And ever since, our longstanding experience in the field of data management has led to close collaboration between our companies in order to offer customers data processing and database building of the highest quality.

InfoChem itself is a subsidiary of Springer Verlag (Heidelberg). Since 1991 the publishing house Springer has held a majority interest (80%) in InfoChem GmbH. When Springer was taken over by Bertelsmann in 1998, InfoChem became part of the Bertelsmann group. Since September 2003 the specialist publishing group Springer Science+Business Media has belonged to the investment companies Cinven and Candover. In December 2009 EQT and GIC acquired Springer from Cinven and Candover. In 2013, the sale of Springer to BC Partners was announced. Since October 2014 InfoChem is 100% owned by Springer.

InfoChem's customers are large, global chemical and pharmaceutical companies; small, high potential start-ups worldwide; and major publishers. We operate internationally and you can find us at important conferences and exhibitions in Germany, Great Britain, France and the United States.


InfoChem distributes one of the largest structure and reaction data collections worldwide, currently containing 5.8 million organic and organometallic compounds, and 4.5 million reactions and associated factual data abstracted from 693,000 references, including 164,000 patents, covering the chemical literature published since 1974 (SPRESI). This database was built jointly by the All-Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of the Academy of Science of the USSR (VINITI) and - until 1989 - the German Zentrale Informationsverarbeitung Chemie, Berlin (ZIC).

The conversion of these files into an electronic searchable database and the development of a sophisticated web application (SPRESIweb) accessible via the Internet has been one of InfoChem's major achievements.

Another important activity has been InfoChem's cooperation with renowned publishing houses such as Elsevier Science, John Wiley & Sons, Springer, and Thieme Verlag in the conception and development of Internet/intranet versions of printed major reference works (MRW).

The software required for SPRESIweb has been developed at InfoChem. In particular ICFSE, the fast search engine for structures and reactions is a central part of this electronic product, allowing the desired structures to be retrieved from several million within seconds. Another important module is InfoChem's Reaction Classification algorithm CLASSIFY, the most powerful tool on the market for the classification of reaction equations according to the chemical transformation occurring during the reaction. This product allows clustering of large reaction databases and linking of different databases.

In mid-2007 InfoChem started a new challenge of mining chemical relevant text sources using leading edge software components both for computerized indexing of chemical structure images and the extraction of chemical named entities.
For the identification and extraction of chemical compound names from text documents, InfoChem has developed its own chemical annotator ICANNOTATOR.

In 2014 InfoChem has brought ICSYNTH on the market, a powerful computer aided synthesis design tool.

InfoChem has long-standing, successful project development and consulting collaborations with big pharmaceutical companies such as BASF SE, Bayer AG, E. Merck, and Boehringer Ingelheim, and with high potential start-up companies. InfoChem's comprehensive know-how in the handling of structures and reactions is the decisive factor in these collaborations.

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