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Since November 2014 InfoChem is an "Independent Software Vendors Partner" of Biovia (former Accelrys). In the context of this partnership InfoChem is developing Pipeline Pilot Components that enable integration of InfoChem software products in Pipeline Pilot workflows.
For more information about Biovia, please visit www.biovia.com.


InfoChem cooperates with Chemnotia in the development of tailored workflows for Knowledge-based Drug Design. User of ICFRP can consult Chemnotia to get the best out of compound design workflows. For more information about Chemnotia, please visit www.chemnotia.com.

John Wiley & Sons

Wiley and InfoChem cooperate in the production of e-EROS: the online version of the Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Chemistry. Wiley's Internet site can be accessed at www.wiley.com.

Georg Thieme Verlag

Georg Thieme Verlag and InfoChem cooperate in the production of the electronic version of Science of Syntheses, the successor to Houben-Weyl.
More information about Thieme Verlag can be accessed at www.thieme.com.

quattro research GmbH

quattro research and InfoChem cooperate in the field of electronic laboratory notebooks. quattro/LJ, quattro research's electronic lab notebook allows substructure, Tanimoto similarity and tautomer searches by integrating InfoChem's ICCARTRIDGE.
More information about quattro research can be found at www.quattro-research.com.

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