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What we offer

We offer to process your legacy data, patent specifications, internal research reports or any other undiscovered chemically relevant repositories. In close cooperation with you, the customer in a Mining for Chemistry project we will identify the relevant source data, set your specific objectives, and formulate a step-by-step plan required to bring out the best from your resources. Additionally, we can evaluate and accomplish the integration of the generated content into an existing chemical information system or help you to set up a completely new infrastructure e.g. using InfoChem software components.

Since the data obtained from this project are of utmost importance for your research and development, we place our primary emphasis on high-quality and strict chemical validation. By applying cutting edge chemoinformatics tools for the verification of the generated data, we can guarantee that you will have optimal and consistent results.

What this means for you

InfoChem has a long term expertise in the manual excerption of chemical structures and reactions from technical and patent literature. We have about a hundred highly skilled professionals carrying out data extraction, high level quality assurance, and data processing in the field of chemistry. Furthermore, during the last ten years InfoChem has developed outstanding software tools and packages for the handling, processing and retrieval of chemical information. ICCARTRIDGE is a high performance chemistry cartridge for Oracle®. The corresponding client software ICCHEMDESK is a program for the efficient management and retrieval of chemically relevant data from local or remote databases. ICMAP is an algorithm for the automatic determination of atom-atom mappings and reaction centers in chemical reaction equations, to name but a few examples. These are just a few examples of our software, the enabling technology for us to offer you a comprehensive one-stop solution.

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