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With this project InfoChem aims to build a structure searchable database, containing the experimental data and defined structures included in documents published by the European Patent Office (EPO).

What is SPIN?

At InfoChem SPIN is defined as Supplementary Patent Information. Looking at the image below, imagine the blue arrow being a time line: at time zero the applicant submits the invention to the European Patent Office which publishes the application documents in form of the A publication. All relevant information is abstracted by well-known patent services (CAS, Derwent, etc.), which store it in databases and offer it to the customer.

The patent examiner checks the patent application in regards of inventive step and novelty, and is allowed to ask the inventors to produce experimental proof of what they are submitting. These documents are what we call SPIN. It is accessible, but no search in a database can be performed.
When the examiner is convinced by the SPIN, a patent is granted. This B publication only mentions the existence of this documentation, but the information contained in the SPIN documents is not listed or abstracted in any way.


On the left side of the image below you can see a B publication of an European patent, with the remark that STIN has been submitted. The inventor is trying to cover a very broad range of pyrazole-type insecticides, with general definitions and claims, and no experimental activity data.

On the right side of the picture you see a page of the STIN document, where the inventor shows with experimental data that a minor structure modification gives new activity profile.
This information is contained ONLY in the SPIN document, and can be searched in the ICSPIN database.


With the ICSPIN database InfoChem plans to offer a number of benefits, such as:

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