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Munich, Germany - August 1, 2015

InfoChem adds chemical search capabilities to the WIPO PATENTSCOPE system

Munich, Germany (October 19, 2015) – InfoChem GmbH (www.infochem.de), leading provider in chemical structure and reaction technology as well as data mining in chemical scientific and patent documents, announced today that they have been designated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva to implement the project "Addition of chemical search capabilities to the WIPO PATENTSCOPE search system".

The goal of this project is to identify, tag and index chemical entities such as IUPAC Names, trade and brand names and trivial names in the PATENTSCOPE full-text documents using InfoChem's highly acknowledged named entity recognition technology ICANNOTATOR.

Additionally, structure search capabilities for chemical compounds will be added to the PATENTSCOPE search user interface.

The cooperation is planned for at least three years, during which time various enhancements to the PATENTSCOPE search system will be implemented with the aim of improving the discoverability of the PATENTSCOPE patent full-text collections.

About InfoChem
InfoChem GmbH (www.infochem.de), based in Munich, Germany, is a market leader in structure and reaction handling and retrieval. Founded in 1989, InfoChem focuses on the production and marketing of new chemical information products, including structural and reaction databases, and the development of software tools required for these applications. The main software tools provided are the InfoChem Fast Search Engine (ICFSE), the InfoChem Chemistry Cartridge for Oracle (ICCARTRIDGE) and the widely used InfoChem reaction classification algorithm CLASSIFY. InfoChem distributes one of the largest structural and reaction files worldwide, currently containing 5.2 million organic compounds and facts and 4.5 million reactions covering the chemical literature published since 1974 (SPRESI). In addition, InfoChem provides tools for the automatic recognition and extraction of chemical entities and their conversion into chemical structures as well as the semantic enrichment of chemical science documents. Springer GmbH (Berlin) has held a majority interest in InfoChem since 1991. For more information go to www.infochem.de.

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