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Stuttgart, Germany - September 2010

Science of Synthesis Completes Two More Categories With More Updates Scheduled for the Future

Stuttgart - Thieme Publishing Group announced the release of Science of Synthesis 3.10. Science of Synthesis is a comprehensive online resource providing users with convenient access to highly evaluated chemical information from leading experts in the field. With this most recent upgrade, Science of Synthesis now covers all fields of organic chemistry from organometallics to alkanes. Covered topics will be continuously updated and additional content will be added to this electronic reference through multiple releases per year.

This latest release encompasses 14,452 new reactions, with over 68,000 structures. Detailed preparative expertise is provided on: nitro, nitroso, azo, azoxy, and diazonium compounds, azides, triazenes, and tetrazenes (Volume 41); alkenes (Volume 47); and alkanes (Volume 48).

"All of the Science of Synthesis volumes published to date are now available online, which means that over 265,000 expert-evaluated reactions as well as more then 29,000 selected methods are easily accessible. This release includes a variety of topics including compounds containing nitrogen functionalities such as N-nitroamines--used as propellants, fuels and explosives; carbon-carbon double bond-containing functionalities i.e. alkenes--important for the petrochemical industry; and last but not least acyclic as well as cyclic alkanes, which are found in nature, and hydrocarbon polymers--used for plastic materials," says Dr. M. Fiona Shortt de Hernandez, Managing Editor Science of Synthesis.

Science of Synthesis presents a critical treatment of synthetic organic chemistry from the early 1800s to the present and has been developed in cooperation with InfoChem. As a first point of reference for the synthetic chemist, this information resource possesses a user-friendly search function that allows substructure, exact structure, reaction, combined keyword, and full-text searches. Within the application, a structure search is quick and easy since users have the ability to choose between multiple structure drawing tools (ISIS Draw, Java Applet, and ChemDraw). Its compatibility with SFX assists librarians in navigating literature requests of Science of Synthesis users to resources and services relevant to their search queries. Science of Synthesis Version 3.10 is fully compatible with both Windows and Macintosh and supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

From 2010 onwards the existing volumes in this resource will be complemented by a variety of organic synthesis specialist topic reference works. A modular approach will be used to build this Science of Synthesis Reference Library, developed in conjunction with members of the Science of Synthesis Editorial Board.

About the Editorial Board
Science of Synthesis has been developed under the guidance of an international Editorial Board. The extensive knowledge and experience of the Editorial Board enable Thieme Chemistry to develop a system that ensures both the print and electronic versions of Science of Synthesis will continue to remain at the heart of the fully integrated laboratory of the present and future. The Editorial Board responsible for the concept and content of Science of Synthesis consists of: Professor Ryoji Noyori, Nobel laureate, Nagoya University; Professor Barry M. Trost, Stanford University; Professor Daniel Bellus, Speedel Pharma Inc., Basel; Professor Eric N. Jacobsen, Harvard University; Professor Steve V. Ley, University of Cambridge; Professor Manfred Regitz, Universitaet Kaiserslautern; Professor Paul J. Reider, Princeton University; Professor Ernst Schaumann, Institut für Organische Chemie der TU, Clausthal; Dr. Ichiro Shinkai, Tokyo; and Professor E. Jim Thomas, Victoria University of Manchester.

About InfoChem
InfoChem GmbH (www.infochem.de), based in Munich, Germany, is a market leader in structure and reaction handling and retrieval. Founded in 1989, InfoChem focuses on the production and marketing of new chemical information products, including structural and reaction databases, and the development of software tools required for these applications. The main software tools provided are the InfoChem Fast Search Engine (ICFSE), the InfoChem Chemistry Cartridge for Oracle (ICCARTRIDGE), the reaction center identification (ICMAP) and the widely used InfoChem reaction classification algorithm CLASSIFY. In addition, InfoChem distributes one of the largest structural and reaction files worldwide, currently containing 7 million organic and organometallic compounds and facts and 4 million reactions covering the chemical literature published since 1974 (SPRESI). InfoChem's customers are large chemical and pharmaceutical companies as well as small high-potential start-ups worldwide. Springer-Verlag (Heidelberg) has held a majority interest in InfoChem since 1991.

About Thieme
Thieme Publishing Group is a privately held STM publishing house employing more than 950 people and maintaining offices in seven cities, including New York, Delhi, Stuttgart and three other locations in Germany. Founded in 1886, the Thieme name has become synonymous with high quality and excellence in medical and scientific publishing. Today, Thieme is the market leading publisher of neurosurgical content and holds strong market positions in orthopedics, radiology, anatomy and chemistry, among other specialties. Thieme publishes 137 peer-reviewed journals and over 500 new books annually. The company also has a rapidly growing array of web-based products in medicine and science. Popular online products include Thieme eJournals and the Thieme Electronic Book Library, which are accessible via www.thieme-connect.com, Thieme's platform for electronic products.


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