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Chemisches Zentralblatt Structural Database

Chemisches Zentralblatt Structural Database is a web-based retrieval application that provides language independent access to the information contained in Chemisches Zentralblatt, one of the most important abstracts journals for the time period 1830-1969. Around one million unique chemical names and 500,000 unique chemical structures are now structure searchable.

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Chemisches Zentralblatt Structural Database provides features such as ICEDIT, a structure and reaction drawing tool developed in-house by InfoChem that enables very easy submission of structure / substructure queries. In addition, a number of substructure searches (tautomer, isomer, similarity, etc.) are supported.
In January 2012 the newest version 1.1 of Chemisches Zentralblatt Structural Database was launched. The results display has been improved considerably, as well as the user interface. The possibility of browsing between pages in the pdf documents has also been enhanced.

How does it work?

Chemisches Zentralblatt Structural Database can be accessed by any PC using a web browser. Scientists are able to perform combined text and structure / substructure searches using a very user-friendly and intuitive interface.
Thanks to the web-based architecture, the application offers direct links to the pdf document. In addition, highlighting of the name in the document allows easy detection of the relevant information.

What is Chemisches Zentralblatt?

Chemisches Zentralblatt is the first and oldest abstracts journal published in the field of chemistry. It covers the chemical literature from 1830 to 1969, describing the "birth" of chemistry as science, compared to alchemy. In 140 years Chemisches Zentralblatt published 900,000 pages: 700,000 contain around two million abstracts and 200,000 are indexes.
InfoChem performed automatic chemical named entity recognition of Chemisches Zentralblatt, creating a structure searchable database that offers language independent search in this relevant historical source.

Further Information

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