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SPRESIweb is a web-based retrieval application that provides direct access to the complete content of the SPRESI structure and reaction database. This data collection contains 5.8 million compounds, 4.6 million reactions, and 32 million factual data extracted from 700,000 references including 170,000 patents.

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SPRESIweb provides exciting features such as: a quicksearch textbox that enables searching of the basic index of structures, reactions and references with one keyword, an EXISTS operator, a structure similarity search, a search for calculated chemical descriptors, and ICEDIT, a structure and reaction drawing tool developed in-house by InfoChem.
Version 2.15 of SPRESIweb was launched in August 2016. Data from 1974 - 2014 are now available. The submission of structure and reaction queries has been enhanced with the integration of ICEDIT as JavaScript version (HTML5 compatible). Furthermore the Name Reaction search feature has been improved. In addition, some of the catalogs of the chemicals suppliers included in SPRESIweb have been updated. With version 2.12 InfoChem gave SPRESIweb a major refresh and reprised the original concept of only including structures abstracted from the literature. The benefit is improved content, focused on chemistry from organic synthesis journals, whilst retaining the relevant catalog data and supplier links. Click here to see a complete version history.

How does it work?

Click to enlarge this screenshot SPRESIweb may be accessed from any PC using a web browser. A choice of drawing tools can be used to submit structure and reaction queries through a very user-friendly and intuitive interface. Hit lists and queries can be saved and refined, as well as downloaded as pdf files or SD/RDfiles.
Thanks to the open, web-based architecture, SPRESIweb offers single-click links to the catalogs of several chemical suppliers, to abstracts and full text articles on publishers' web sites, and to different document delivery and online patent services.
Customer-specific solutions, such as linking to in-house databases or document delivery services, can also be provided.

Where do the data come from?

The data collection has been jointly built by the All-Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of the Academy of Sciences in the USSR (VINITI) and the German Zentrale Informationsverarbeitung Chemie in Berlin (ZIC) since 1974. Continuing update of the data has been agreed with VINITI.

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