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InfoChem's Chemistry Cartridge ICCARTRIDGE is a powerful software module designed to integrate chemical structure and reaction retrieval into relational databases.
The application uses ICFSE InfoChem's high performance search engine to handle and search millions of structures and reactions.

Newly defined and specific SQL operators offer a variety of query features for searching of chemical structures and reactions:

With ICCARTRIDGE version 2.7 (Autumn 2010) InfoChem shows its outstanding role in the enhancement of reaction handling and retrieval. The most relevant new feature in version 2.7 is the "all-in-one" reaction search operator, which retrieves results from exact, combined reaction substructure with reaction type and different reaction type searches ordered by relevance performing only one query. This new development follows the "all-in-one" search operator for molecules integrated in Version 2.6. Furthermore combined reaction substructure and reaction type searches avoid imput of complicated query features like atom-atom mappings or bond reaction centers, allowing retrieval of records with the given reaction substructure and the given reaction type (based on the InfoChem CLASSIFY algorithm). The performance has been substancially enhanced since version 2.3. Click here to download the entire comparison report.
Click here to see a complete version history.

How does it work?

ICCARTRIDGE takes advantage of Oracle's basic technologies and security standards:

by integrating structural information, and numerical and textual data in a relational data model.
Based on the standard SQL syntax, ICCARTRIDGE introduces extended SQL commands to access your chemistry data.

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