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ICCHEMDESK is a powerful client application for managing and analyzing chemical data built on InfoChem's chemistry cartridge for Oracle® (ICCARTRIDGE).
ICCHEMDESK is designed to help scientists take important decisions efficiently and quickly, by giving them the possibility of creating, retrieving and browsing information in local and remote databases.
Based on Microsoft® .NET architecture ICCHEMDESK integrates many InfoChem components such as ICEDIT, ICIMAGE and ICCHECK. Thus it benefits directly from continuous development of the single components.

Being the front-end for ICCARTRIDGE, ICCHEMDESK supports the advanced chemical functionalities and search features for structures and reactions offered by the cartridge, such as, among others:

How does it work?

The tabular form view enables to visualize the content of a database or the search results at a glance. With the detailed view all information regarding one specific record can be retrieved, in addition the display of chemical structures and reactions can be adjusted to the users requirements.
Furthermore, user-defined query, retrieval and input forms can be generated to get the relevant information at a glance.

Supported Systems

Operating systems:

     The required Oracle 10 ODP.Net Client can be installed with the ICCHEMDESK setup.

Database systems:

Further Information

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