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Automatic Workup

Automated data production based on ChemDraw files

InfoChem's SchemeAnalyzer is a highly sophisticated software tool to extract structures and reactions from complex reaction schemes. The automated extraction of ChemDraw files reduces costs, and, above all, reduces the number of mistakes that may result from manual extraction and data input. The only condition required in using the SchemeAnalyzer is the correct generation of ChemDraw files according to certain defined common rules. We will be pleased to discuss your ChemDraw file management.

Automatic conversion of SGML and XML files into HTML

We provide automatic conversion of SGML and XML files into HTML files for publications.
In particular we can guarantee high quality integration and interlinking of chemical structure and reaction information into these formats.

For any questions and wishes please feel free to contact us.

Last modification: February 9, 2010.

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