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ICEDIT is the user-friendly chemical structure and reaction editor from InfoChem.

Features such as, easy integration in any desktop or web application, input of advanced search options like query features and R-group specification, comprehensive support of alias labels, etc. make ICEDIT the ideal tool to manage and search structure and reaction databases.

Desktop Application

Using the ICEDIT drawing application for Windows you can store and import MOL and RXN files (MDL®), as well as ISIS/Sketches, ChemDraw cdx files and SMILES. In addition an extensive collection of templates together with a comprehensive list of superatoms and abbreviations help the user to draw complex structures and reactions quickly and without effort.
The layout functionalities supported by ICEDIT enable users to easily create structures and reactions in publication-quality and to integrate them seamlessly via OLE objects in Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel) and presentations (PowerPoint).
Optional add-ins to support the InfoChem components ICMAP (automated reaction mapping) and ICCHECK (structure standardization) are available on demand.

JavaScript Edition

In order to guarantee seamless integration and easy usage of the editing tool on any platform, InfoChem has developed a web-compatible JavaScript (HTML5 based) ICEDIT version. This is available on the fly, therefore no installation on the user's computer is required.
The layout and the functionality of the web-version can be individually customized. A web service is required to implement alias support.


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